Returning home

After six months between my thesis defence, book writing, travels and lots of work, I am back at the desk to write about art for The I’ve been going to art exhibitions in London, Milan, Lisbon and a few other cities in Europe. I intend to write about them shortly. My intention continues one […]

Memory and indifference: Thomas Dozol at French Riviera

Susan Sontag once said that the painter constructs, and the photographer discloses. But what if the photographer is also able to hide things from the spectator? In the show ‘Memory Played Like a Violin’, Thomas Dozol does it by covering his photographs with colorful stripes, to which he adds abstracts shapes, patches, and other graphic marks that are […]

Listening to Stan Douglas

The way Stan Douglas works with aerial images is intriguing. Using long-distance shots, like those of live TV police persecution, he composes large-scale photographs of ordinary neighborhoods. Most of them are presented as if they were telling the multiple stages of a public disturbance, or as he puts it, “riots”. In this exhibition at Victoria […]

The Soul of a Nation: Mixing sociology with art

A good theme, excellent artists, relevant debate. What could possibly go wrong? Tate Modern just finished showing its version of the Afro-American arts scene since 1963. As anyone who have ever lived in the United States, I used to see “black art” as somehow a mainstream thing. Whether because it stemmed directly from the media-oriented protests, […]

Documenta 14 debates immigration and democracy

It sits on a medium-size, industrial city at the heart of Germany’s Hesse State. The city of Kassel receives once again the Documenta 14. Although the art show has had an earlier edition in Athens, Greece, it is here that we better acknowledge its spread, disarticulated, and site-specific project. Without wrapping itself in only one sign, as the […]

Natives at the 2017 Venice Biennale

The 57th Venice Biennale has decided to dedicate a large pavilion of its Arsenale section to the art of native communities around the world. An example of this incursion is the large embroidered hut designed by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, entitled “Um Sagrado Lugar” or A Sacred Place. Neto’s original proposal was not only to […]

Pangaea or Panacea: Where continents collide

At first impression, the idea of an ‘art pangaea‘ seems to make sense. “Latin American” and African contemporary artists together, inhabiting the same mega-continent, as it was 270 million years ago. In the present, the exhibition features artists from both places. showing what they have to say about their home countries, but more than that, they […]

Serra and the shadow of a space

It is just a tiny exhibition room, but the artwork in it makes it incredibly bigger. Richard Serra presents some of his recent drawings, thought for the Courtauld Gallery, in London. They look like big black spots, but are result of a much thoughtful technique. First Serra composes a draft in canvas, and then covers […]