The Body blog first started in 2005, written in Portuguese, then called O Corpo da Arte. We follow a few editorial guidelines:

  1. The Body ambitions publishing art reviews with no commitment to the time in which exhibitions take place.
  2. In the contemporary art press, reviews are often a product of very strict conditions. They can be limited to a certain number of art shows per week, restricted to the work of key curators, tightened to fit short press views, and yet they should raise the expectations of prospective visitors. Otherwise, The Body proposes a slow-paced dialogue that ponders on art, but in relation to social and cultural issues. This conversation may or may not happen within the conventional art exhibition format or about it.
  3. The sense of an ‘art event’ matters to the extent of a starting point to a further critique.
  4. Because we can, the Body tries to escape the marketisation of art publications. Therefore, it is not about writing in a bad mood but trying to shout out inquisitive, combative, and reflexive art criticism, while not skipping the glittery appreciation when necessary.

We hope this is not unachievable. If not a mission statement, these bullets should work as a letter of intentions regarding the content you read here.

Any query or comment, please use the contact box below or message me on Twitter http://twitter.com/helton_levy

Thanks for your visit and interest.

Helton Levy, editor