Nostalgic for the future (but not too much)

Lisson Gallery is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, but we can applaud now in 2014. Nostalgic for the Future is an exhibition organized to both commemorate the date, when it come, and feature interesting current contemporary production by the gallery’s set of artists. The focus here is at those producers residing or born in […]

Home truths for public eyes

An interesting approach to art and motherhood is on display at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. The institution invited artists to pose with their children, unclothed, and evoking different moments in the life of a mother. The result is seen in the exhibition “Home Truths”, curated by Susan Bright. These are images of intense emotional attachment, making it deeply […]

Thomas Lisle at Koukan

Contemporary artists have chosen increasingly unconventional ways to represent modernity. The modern appears in objects, or is apprehended in a kinds of aesthetics that leans towards graphic design. The fact is that, even in art, depicting the modern has never escaped from submerging in technology. I mean submerging because modernity in contemporaneity has failed in representing humans […]