Memory and indifference: Thomas Dozol at French Riviera

Susan Sontag once said that the painter constructs, and the photographer discloses. But what if the photographer is also able to hide things from the spectator? In the show ‘Memory Played Like a Violin’, Thomas Dozol does it by covering his photographs with colorful stripes, to which he adds abstracts shapes, patches, and other graphic marks that are […]

Listening to Stan Douglas

The way Stan Douglas works with aerial images is intriguing. Using long-distance shots, like those of live TV police persecution, he composes large-scale photographs of ordinary neighborhoods. Most of them are presented as if they were telling the multiple stages of a public disturbance, or as he puts it, “riots”. In this exhibition at Victoria […]

Home truths for public eyes

An interesting approach to art and motherhood is on display at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. The institution invited artists to pose with their children, unclothed, and evoking different moments in the life of a mother. The result is seen in the exhibition “Home Truths”, curated by Susan Bright. These are images of intense emotional attachment, making it deeply […]